It is also customary for all the Journey-men to make every Year new Paper Windows, whether the old will serve again or no; Because that day they make them, the Master Printer gives them a Waygoose; that is, he makes them a good Feast, and not only entertains them at his own House, but besides, gives them Money to spend at the Ale-house or Tavern at Night; And to this Feast, they invite the Correcter, Founder, Smith, Joyner and Inck-maker, who all of them severally (except the Correcter in his own Civility) open their Purse-strings and add their Benevolence (which Workmen account their duty, because they generally chuse these Workmen) to the Master Printers: But from the Correcter they expect nothing, because the Master Printer chusing him, the Workmen can do him no kindness.

These Way-gooses, are always kept about Bartholemew-tide. And till the Master-Printer have given this Way-goose, the Journey-men do not use to Work by Candle Light.

Joseph Moxon, Mechanick Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing (1683-4)

Nothing is known of the word waygoose or the variant wayzgoose before Moxon’s use; the more common wayzgoose is probably due to mistaken etymology. While a wayzgoose used to be a dinner, it became a dinner and an outing, and has now come to mean a meeting of printers.

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